3 DXpeditions to Aves Island (YV)



Aves Island from the air ....

1997 D. Ramirez




Small Boat (northern part of the island)

The aves-pictures I made on three trips to the island in the eighties and nineties.

During the last years the island was hit by several hurricanes. The surface changed very much; the island was even divided into 2 parts during several months. The green surface has almost disappeared as you observe on some pix.

Here a GOOGLE EARTH overlay of our QTH.

The transportation always was provided by the Venezuelan Navy. I participated thanks to invitations of the ARV or RCV (the Venezuelan Amateur Radio Societies) to participate on these events. My job was to operate as a radio-operator via satellite and on CW.
(For NON-Amateurs: CW = Morse-Telegraphy).

Map of the Eastern Caribbean Sea

The Location of Aves Island (Loc: FK8NQ)

As Aves Island is a UNIQUE place, I have divided this section into 2 parts.

First the some very interesting views on life on the tiny island plus flora & fauna, and later forward our radio-activities :-)

Who really is ONLY interested in our radio-activities, may click HERE. The pictures of birds and turtles may be boring to some people :-)


Here you get to the COMPLETE "show".