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YW5AS    2007

11 59' 2.58" N    67 40' 42.03" W                   IOTA SA-051

In memory to Sigi, DL3AMA  (1941 - 2007).


HERE A view with "GOOGLE EARTH" on the archipelago "AVES DE SOTAVENTO"
In the early morning of August 26, 2007 we started to a new IOTA-Expedition.

Our destiny this time was the archipelago AVES DE SOTAVENTO, east of Bonaire. The east side of the archipelago consists of a several kilometers long coral reef, a dangerous breakwater.
In the last centuries this area was the fait of many sailing ships. Even these days still frequent accidents are reported.

For those who don't know the area and want to know more, please click the above link for your exploration.

Our transportation was a brand-new open sea tug. We had a comfortable trip, and after 10 hours we arrived near a small naval station at the most southern island of the archipelago.

The tug anchored near the beach and we were transferred by a small boat to the island.


Our arrival at the port of La Guaira.

Part of our equipment.

On the way to Las Aves.

Company ...

Company ...

Company ...

In the foreground the tiny naval base of "Aves de Sotavento". In the background more islands are visible.

A part of the southern island.


In the blue tanks the drinking water is stored. (supplied from the mainland)

During the transfer of our equipment from the tug to the island.



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