La Blanquilla 2008


IOTA SA-037   11 49' 17" N   64 35' 49" W    WLOTA L-0894


This was my second trip to LA BLANQUILLA.

This time I got an invitation of the 4M5DX group as CW operator.

In the early morning of  August 4, 2008 we started from Caracas to the port La Guaira.

Later we continued with a Venezuelan Navy ship towards LA BLANQUILLA, where we arrived the next morning at sunrise.

We were received by the friendly members of the Coast-Guard-Base located on the island.

In the morning (under blazing sun) we started to install the radios and the antennas.

Finally around noon we started our operation.

As we were only a small group, the stations for SSB and CW were installed next to each other. We occupied the Navy's barbeque place called EL BOHIO. It is an open place with a palm roof as source of shade.

This place was very familiar to me, because on my 1st trip to Blanquilla I spent exactly at the same place.

As antennas were built dipoles and verticals.

Our electric power was provided by our two generators, but we also had access to the power of the Navy base.

Next to us was a lovely bay for swimming.

The digital activities of YV1FM took place below a tree about 150m north of us at the other side of the base.

If you want to see details, here are two GOOGLE EARTH placemarks of our locations.

It was no surprise that the radio-propagations were very bad. Anyhow the results were better as I expected.


More informations about the island you can read in the report of my 1st trip to the island.


In the morning of August 7 arrived a patrol boat to pick us up to the main land.

However, the ship did not return to La Guaira, but to the port Guanta, about 300km east of Caracas.

A chartered bus took us back to Caracas where we arrived in the early morning on August 8.

We had a great time and also good food provided by the Navy.

On the following pages I show you some photos of our activities ...