La Blanquilla Island 1998


General View

From July 10 to 14, 1998 a group of Venezuelan Radio-Amateurs was on DXpedition for IOTA (SA-037) on the Island of La Blanquilla in the Caribbean Sea.
La Blanquilla is located north of the Island of Margarita or west of the Grenadines. The island is the third-largest of the country. A small Navy base is installed at the south-east end of the island, which was our destiny. The island has no normal population, except some fishermen who stay some weeks there. A small runway for airplanes permits the landing of small tourist-planes for one-day-trips to the island. Probably La Blanquilla has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as you will see on the following pictures. I got really impressed of their beauty.

The base of the island is a coral-riff and it has a diameter of about 6 miles (10 km). The island itself is almost flat. Surprisingly the neighbor-islands Los Hermanos (southeast of La Blanquilla) have relatively high mountains.

The vegetation consists mainly of cactus and bushes, and animal population are thousands of green parrots, black-yellow colored eagles, other birds, wild donkeys and black lizards.

Here are two GOOGLE EARTH placemarks of our QTH:

Surprisingly our cellular telephones (handy) did communicate perfectly with their built-in antenna to the next cell on Margarita Island 70 miles (115 km) away. So we could be reached all the time via telephone from our friends and relatives.

YV5ANE, YV5ANT and me were the CW-operators of the trip.

Blanquilla seen from the ISS.

Map of the location of Blanquilla Island

La Blanquilla, Venezuela