(November 2004)




This is NOT "Cayo Sal" but "Cayo Peraza" which was the original destiny of our expedition


But now here a view on the larger "Cayo Sal", from where YW1F was finally operating.


Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our Location on Cayo Sal.


On Friday, November 19, 2004 two groups started from Caracas to the village Chichiriviche at the Morrocoy National Park.
(4 hours by car)

We started the DXpedition to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our DX-Club.

This time also the families of the participants were invited. They spent the night in a hotel on the mainland, meanwhile the operators stayed the nights also on the island.

The days before our trip the area was hit by severe weather. Storms and heavy rains caused a lot of flooding in the area.

The originally crystal clear water in the western part of the National Park was brown due to the sediments of a grown river which ends in this area.

The management of the park decided, that we should not go to Cayo Peraza as was originally planned; instead we went to Cayo Sal (Key Salt), which is a larger island as you can see on the above pictures.
In the center of Cayo Sal is an "infernal" sweet water-lake which caused us a lot of problems :-)

Most of us were familiar with this area, because we made a previous trip to the nearby island Cayo Sombrero in the year 2001.

After our families were left in the hotel, we were shipped in darkness to the island, which is about 1 mile away from the mainland.



Our arrival at Cayo Sal


YV5IQJ checking an antenna ...

At our arrival, one station was already active, because the first group arrived some hours earlier then the group of which I was part of.

Now we began to built up some additional vertical antennas as you can observe on the above picture.





YV5EED is just beginning his activity on 14 MHz, which is his favorite band.