Cayo Sombrero 4M1X
Locator: FK5VV          IOTA SA-089
July 2001
A Place like Paradise ...
On July 20, 2001 we started from Caracas to our annual IOTA-DXpedition commemorating the Navy-Day. This time our trip brought us to a tiny Island called Cayo Sombrero.

Cayo Sombrero is part of an archipelago of many small islands in front of the Venezuelan Coast. (Exactly south of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles)

Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our Location on Cayo Sombrero.

Cayo Sombrero belongs to the National Park Morrocoy.

Our start was quite accidental, first, because some fellows cancelled their participation in last minute and we had a real accident on our way to our port of departure. About 90 miles west of Caracas our trailer had a problem with the wheel-suspension and we had to repair it just on the highway. We were forced to deload our stuff from it.

Due to the accident we lost a lot of time and we could not meet the scheduled time at the port.

Due to this delay we had to pass one night in a hotel and so our expedition started almost 24 hours later as originally planned. 

In front of a small village called CHICHIRIVICHE
(yes. that's right !!)
Here in the village called Chichiriviche we started with a boat to our destination. It is a wonderful trip passing a lot of small islands like the one below:

This tiny island without any vegetation already meets IOTA rules :-)

Our arrival at Cayo Sombrero

Preparing to built up our antennas