EAST CHIMANA (July 2004)




Very early in the morning of July 14, 2004 we started to our annual DXpedition. This time our destiny was the island East Chimana (also known as Chimana II)in the Mochima National Park.

We went by car from Caracas eastwards to the city of Puerto La Cruz, where JosÚ Vicente (YV6BTF) was waiting for us at one of the yacht-clubs of the city.


The boat in the foreground belongs to JosÚ and the other one in the background was hired to transport our heavy goods.

After loading our equipment we started our trip into the Mochima National Park, located east of Puerto La Cruz


Leaving Puerto La Cruz


It was a very hot day, but with the breeze we had a very nice trip through the Mochima National Park. 

The park (declared in 1973) has a total extension of 94.925 ha (234.383 acres) composed by 49.847 ha (123.079 acres) of water, 39.876 ha (98459 acres) of continental-area and 5.221 ha (12.892 acres) of islands.
The park includes: Tropical Rain Forest, Coral Banks, Mangroves, and very dry areas.


One of the dozens of islands we passed on our way to Chimana



The fast boat carried us in about 40 minutes to our destiny, the beach of East Chimana.

The Lighthouse of Eastern Chimana (10░ 17' 28.15" N , 64░ 36' 24.47" W).

Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our QTH.

The beautiful new light-house is located at the highest point of the island.