(Isla Del Rey) 10° 29' 40'' N  -  67° 59' 27'' W
(July 2005)




Computer graphic of the Caribbean coast with the city Puerto Cabello and the island.




Our arrival at the Navy Base

In the morning of July 7 2005 we (7 operators) started from Caracas to a Navy Base near Puerto Cabello in the state of Carabobo. At the base another member of the expedition, who made a 2-day-trip from Mérida, was already waiting for us.

The destiny of this year's expedition was a small island, called "Del Rey", located in front of the Navy Base. (10° 29' 40'' N - 67° 59' 27 '' W)

Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our QTH.

The IOTA Number of Del Rey counts as SA-058, the same as the rock Farallón Centinela, which is located 210 km east. (This is not very fair comparing the IOTA distribution of European islands. E. c. applying the same rules for Germany, there should be only 2 IOTA numbers...

The expedition to Farallón Centinela was very difficult for us, and we could not work as many stations as wanted. So we decided to visit this time Del Rey to save resources.



The boat which transferred us to the island.

It was a very hot day, so carrying all our stuff to the boat was quite sudorific :-)

Ten minutes after our departure we arrived at the island.



The beach of Del Rey Island.



Our arrival at Del Rey island.