The airlift operation:
Our HEAVY EQUIPMENT arrives airlifted by the Venezuelan National Guard
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We had absolutely no problems to get our equipment, which included the radios, 2 generators, antennas, cable, wires and personal belongings.
Due to the inclination of the rock it was impossible to land and the maneuver was made by static flight.

After a few minutes the helicopter left us.

Now we had to built a sun-protection in order to protect ourselves against a tremendous climatic situation.
We have been told, that NEVER a human has passed a night on the rock and we were the first ever to do so. (maybe of interest for the Guinness World records ?)

Preparing the sun-protection for men and equipment
(Observe Greg YV5OHW (r) on the top of the lighthouse)
The ONLY place to fix our plastic shields was the small lighthouse. Any tent-construction was impossible due to the hard rock.
The (fiberglass) construction of the lighthouse is about 20 feet high. It did a great job for us. We could fix 2 the sheets and gave us the primary support for the dipole-antennas.