Farallón Centinela 1999
(a failed Expedition)

Farallón Centinela

Farallón Centinela is a tiny rock in the Caribbean Sea. It is located aprox. 25 miles north of Cape Codera (Cabo Codera).

On Friday, November 12, 1999 our DX-Club tried to activate the rock Farallón Centinela (IOTA SA-Ř58). Our plan was to operate 48 hours from there. We got the call YW5FC from the local authorities.


Farallón Centinela 10° 49.203' N  66° 5.557' W

We (5 radio-operators and a 2 men boat-crew) started in Carenero, near to Higuerote. (east of Caracas)
  Sonnenaufgang in Carenero  
Sunrise in Carenero

We were ready on schedule to leave Carenero at sunrise. But the owner of the boat did prefer to sleep some more hours. When we finally left, the boat headed to Cape Codera and then north into the Caribbean Sea.

Kurz vor Cabo Codera
Bay of Carenero with Mangroves
Cabo Codera

Cabo Codera, a famous navigation point at Venezuela's coast
(you see the small lighthouse on the top)

At the beginning, our trip was very smooth. The sea was calm and the sky was blue. Two hours later the waves began to grow and we lost some speed due to the wind. Around the same time we saw the white peak of Farallón Centinela at the horizon. It was like watching an iceberg. (look at the first picture above.)