Los Frailes 2ØØØ

Our annual expedition to commemorate the anniversary of the Venezuelan Navy this year took us to the largest Island of the Los Frailes archipelago (IOTA SA-059).

The Los Frailes archipelago is formed by of 8 small islands & rocks and is located east of Margarita island. Only one island has a SMALL beach for landing. All others are inaccessible by sea. This one was our destiny for the YW5LF operations.

Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our QTH.

Our arrival in Guanta

We left Caracas in the very early morning (4:00 AM) of August 23 by car and arrived after 4 hours drive at the port of Guanta where we took a boat to Pampatar (a small port on Margarita Island).

Loading our stuff on a speed-boat at Guanta

Departure from Pampatar to Los Frailes.

From Pampatar the equipment and part of the crew took the ride directly to Los Frailes.

With a fast boat, the one-way-trip can be made in one hour approximately.
The rest of us went by car to the northern part of Margarita to a small fisher-port, called El Tirano.

From El Tirano we already could see at the horizon a few Islands of the Los Frailes Archipel.

El Tirano, Margarita

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