"Los Monjes" archipelago 2003

YW5 M (IOTA SA-015)



Satellite Picture of the Golf of Venezuela


Just only 2 weeks after returning from the Orinoco-Delta we already went to another Expedition :-)

This time our destiny was the archipelago "Los Monjes", which is located in the extreme west of Venezuela, near the Colombian coast.

Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our QTH.

This time our host was the Venezuelan Navy. The reason was the celebration of the 180th anniversary of the sea-battle of the Lake Maracaibo and also the inauguration of the new light-house on the southern island of "Los Monjes".

* * *

In the morning-hours of July 14, 2003 we flew with an navy-plane from Caracas to the port of Punto Fijo, several hundred miles west.


Our group shortly before departure.


On the flight from Caracas to Punto Fijo

After approximately one hour flight-time we finished the first part of our trip.

Our equipment is transferred from the airplane to a bus.


The airport Punto Fijo with the famous mountain "Cerro Santa Ana" in the background.

After landing and the transfer of our goods to a bus, we went to a nearby navy-base. There all our equipment was transferred again to a ship.

Our equipment is loaded to our ship at the Punto Fijo navy-base.