L A   O R C H I L A
An almost unknown island in the Caribbean Sea.
YW5X    2013
  South-Eastern Caribbean  
La Orchila on Google Earth.     
Finally we got the permission for an IOTA expedition to the Orchila archipelago. It is not the 1st expedition to that place, but it is a very restricted area. Only few people, except the military, have access to the island. So we are very grateful, the Venezuelan Navy invited us and also sponsored the transportation of the crew and our equipment. We even were allowed to take our cars with us.
We left the port of La Guaira on August 20, 1913, and arrived the next morning at the main island of the Orchila Archipelago, 160 km northeast of La Guaira.
As always, my job was to operate CW. (My actual call is YV5EU (ex DL2GG/YV5)
The other CW operators were YV4GLD, YV5OK and also YV5IUA showed up. There was another operator assigned to our group, but finally it seemed he was he was fearful to handle big pile-ups and then looked for an easier job  :-)
Fixing the cars inside the ship.         
Our arrival at the Orchila Navy base on August 21.         
The Orchila Navy base.       
Our ship.       
Installing the first antenna for our CW camp.       
  antenna building  
  YV5ZV with his elegant antenna-dress  
It is a hard job, building the antennas under this weather conditions. It's VERY hot, and the sun is VERY bright.
YV2IF       YV5ZV       YY2CAR

Thanks to the OM's (those not part of the CW-crew) who helped us to get up our antennas.