To commemorate this year's Venezuelan Navy Day, our DX-Club visited the Island of Toas which is located at the northern part of the lake Maracaibo, just where the the lake converts into the Caribbean Sea.

The south-coast of Toas Island ...


Toas IOTA SA-066

Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our location on Toas Island.

A view from the 10 miles long bridge over Lake Maracaibo on our way to Toas Island.

On July 23, 2002 we started at 4:00 AM from Caracas by car to the port of San Rafael del MojŠn in the extreme north-western part of Venezuela.

After passing the the second-largest city of Venezuela (Maracaibo) and 500 miles drive, our 2 heavy loaded cars finally arrived at the small port.


Preparing our equipment for the boat-transfer at San Rafael.

A very fast and noisy ship brought us in about 30 minutes to our destination on Toas Island.

We arrived there shortly before sunset.

Toas is located at the very northern end of Lake Maracaibo. The lake is fed by many rivers, whose origin are the Andes mountains. The water has a very low salt-content and I even could observe wild goats, drinking the sea-water.

Just before sunset our Ship is arriving at the Island.