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* We were the World-Champions .... :-)




The World-Champion-Crew of YW4M (WPX 2002)

The crew of YW4M (WPX 2003)


The crew of YV4A (CQWW 2007)

Here a GOOGLE EARTH placemark of our DX-QTH.


A tower 40 m (130 ft) high with some  Yagis plus a rotary dipole for 3.5 MHz.
Another tower, 40m high with two 4-element Yagis for 7 MHz which can be phased together (8-ele 7 MHz monobander).
28 MHz  monobander YV5IQJ climbing 20m above the ground on top of the lower 7 MHz-beam of the 8-el stacking.
YV5IQJ between the 40m stacked yagis.
observe YV5IQJ still on his tower inspection





A Great Kiskadee occupied one of our towers as breeding-place. (2005)



A beautiful bird sitting inside a tower.


Final adjustments on the 7 MHz - yagi
(40 m above the ground)


YW4M-Crew 2005

The contest-station is located in the Venezuelan Llanos in a rural area , about 2 hours drive away from Caracas.
The pictures were made at the end of the 6-months dry-season, but usually all trees are green :-)

The reason of the distortion of the vertical lines on the PIX is the wide-angle-lens I used to get the most on the picture :-)
Around the antenna-area is a lot of bush with a lot of snakes too. So I preferred to shoot the PIX from nearby ......

The antenna system consists of 6 towers with several beams mounted on each of it (mono-banders). Two of the towers are 40m (130 ft) high, and three are about 25 m (80 ft)  high. Highlights are an 8-element mono-band Yagi for 7 MHz (2 phased 4-el-antennas) and a rotary dipole for 3.5 MHz.
Some wire antennas are fixed between the towers, and for 160m- reception a Beverage antenna just above the ground.


And here some pictures of the CQWWDX 2005